Mendocino Fuego Quart

Mendocino Fuego Quart


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Mendocino Fuego Quart Bottle


Grow More Fuego is a unique foliar formula made with L-amino acids micronutrients and enzymes is rapidly absorbed by the surfaces of leaves and translocated within the plant to enhance general vigor, photosynthesis capacity, increase plant tolerance to environmental pests and disease stress.
? Enhanced Cell Division.
? Stimulate Chlorophyll Biosynthesis.
? Retard Plant Senescence.
? Increase Yield and Quality.

Regular Use of Grow More Organic Fertilizers Will Help:

  • Encourage better aerification of soil.
  • Normalize soil pH.
  • Improve water penetration in heavy textured soil and will improve moisture retention in sand and light textured soils.
  • Enhance soil nutritive holding and exchange capacity.
  • Build stable soil aggregates – improve soil structure and tilth.

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