Mendocino N-Cal Mag Gallon

Mendocino N-Cal Mag Gallon


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    Weight (lbs): 12
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Mendocino N-Cal Mag Gallon Bottle

    • Increase the synthesis of chlorophyll
    • Help’s with overall plant health and vigor
    • Ideal Cal/Mag ratio
    • Magnesium source highest solubility and availability in market
    • High value liquid calming supplement

Specially designed to correct physiological nutrient disorders caused by calcium & magnesium deficiencies. Improves the mass flow of nutrients within the phloem & improves the translocation of carbohydrates. Calcium deficiency retards growth of stems, leaves, roots & causes Blossom end drop & die back. A calcium deficiency also reduces thickness of leaves & interferes with proper transpiration. A magnesium deficiency inhibits photosynthesis, the main engine of bio-chemical energy for plants. Periodic maintenance application of n-cal-mag will increase the synthesis of chlorophyll & help with overall health & vigor.

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Weight 12 lbs


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