Seaweed Extract Liquid 2.5 Gallon

Seaweed Extract Liquid 2.5 Gallon


  • All Norwegian Ascophyllum Nodosum
  • Cold Water Processed -Botanic Exit
  • Promotes Growth & Vigorous Root System
  • Rich Source of Amino Acids & Carbohydrates
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Seaweed Extract Liquid 2.5 Gallon Bottle


Grow More’s Seaweed Extract Liquid 2.5 Gallon Bottle Is A natural organic biostimulant product that leaves no residue on crops. May be applied anytime during the growing season through harvest. It contains naturally-balanced chelated trace elements such as Boron , Molybdenum , Copper , Zinc , Manganese , Iron and Cobalt. Whether its used as a foliar feed , a root dip or a soil drench , this multi-use garden essential promotes improved root development , more vigorous growth and increased overall plant health.
Growers can expect a variety of benefits from using GROW MORE SEA WEED EXTRACT. Research and field trials have demonstrated improved root development, more vigorous growth, increased resistance to diseases and insects and reduced frost damage.

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