Whether you’re just starting in hydroponics or seasoned grower, we would like to help with your fertilizing needs

CalWest Fertilizers, a California-based company, has over 60 years of hands-on experience as growers,
landscapers, and arborists. We exclusively and proudly distribute Grow More, Inc., products. The Grow More
brand is recognized in 30 countries as the premier brand in its field.

Grow More, like CalWest, also has California roots, and was established in Hollywood in 1918. The company
provides an extensive product line for a variety of markets, specializing in agriculture, horticulture, floriculture,
and hydroponics. Our companies place a high value on protecting the health and safety of the environment,
our employees, customers, growers, and applicators in the communities we serve.

CalWest Fertilizers is headquartered in Menifee, CA. at 33103 Nancy Lane, 92584, and can ship products
anywhere in the contiguous United States. We deliver Grow More Fertilizer to Riverside, San Bernardino,
Santa Ana, Anaheim, Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Glendale. Amounts purchased in excess of
$300.00 will be delivered free of charge.

You can purchase products in person or contact us by phone at 1 (833)-Cal-West, based on the schedule
below. For questions regarding our products or services, please complete the form by clicking Contact Us, or
by sending an e-mail to info@calwestfertilizer.com.


Whether you’re just starting in hydroponics or seasoned grower, we would like to help with your fertilizing needs

CalWest Fertilizer was found in 2018 for our love of Landscaping and Hydroponics on a local level. Now we are bringing our talent to the Internet and helping growers with quality products and the best service!

We are committed to responding to a global agricultural market that demands sensible, efficient, and effective performance solutions to improve crop yields and quality. We strive to meet our clients’ needs and objectives of delivering consistent results and enhanced value. Our products accomplish nurturing your plants with the optimal fertilizers and nutrients for each stage of growth. Our nutrients are of the highest quality sourced from our suppliers.

CalWest Fertilizer supports the specific needs of our customers and works closely with growers and distributors while providing products that will maximize return on your investment.

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