Bio-stimulants are a unique mix of nutrients and natural growth factors that are essential for vegetable nutrition.
Bio-stimulants provide the necessary elements and growth regulators that the plant requires to reach its maximum potential production. These products increase the general vigor of the plant and therefore increases fruiting, size, and yield. Bio-stimulants should be used to supplement fertilization.

The Benefits of Bio-Stimulants Include:

– Excellent nutritional package for foliar application.
– Speeds up crop development.
– Increases the bio-mass.
– Increases flowering.
– Increases the percentage of flower and fruit.
– Increases the yield in quantity and quality.
– Contains humic acids and fulvic acids that help the intake of foliar fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, etc.  increasing their effect.

What Are Humic Acids?

Humic acids are the water-soluble organic acids naturally present in soil organic matter. Humic acids physically modify the structure of the soil. Soil water retention is improved, when organic matter increases, both the infiltration rate and water holding capacity is enhanced. Humic acid makes the soil more friable or crumbly by forming complex humus molecules thus increasing the aeration of the soil, and improving soil workability.