CalWest Fertilizer  has three ways in which growers can obtain our products. We maintain a facility in Menifee, CA, where products can be purchased and picked-up. Providing we have stock on hand, CalWest Fertilizer delivers to 8 counties in California, including Riverside, San Bernardino, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Long Beach, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Glendale. Delivery cost is based on distance and quantity ordered. Free Delivery is available on bulk orders. Finally, we ship to any location in the United States, using the most cost-effective and reliable carriers and rates. We do not markup delivery costs to our customers. We pride ourselves on keeping stock on-hand. Despite high inventory costs, we maintain low overhead, so that we can pass those savings along to our customers. On rare occasions, due to manufacturing delays or consumer demand, we may be temporarily out of stock on one or more items.

Should you wish to pick up the item at our facility, call to verify availability For bulk orders please call or email the number below. One of our specialists will return your call within 24 hours.