The first chemical revolution in agriculture started over 100 years ago when soil fertilization was
discovered; the second chemical revolution – the idea of foliar feeding as an effective and important
tool in crop fertility – is going to be common only in our generation.

Grow More Fertilizers are formulated to supply sufficient amounts of extra nutrients for high yields.
Grow More are supplements to be used in addition to normal soil applied fertilizers and do not
compensate for the lack of good cultivation and management practices. If used correctly and with
experience, soil applied fertilizers can be cut back as much as 20% when: Grow More is used in a
Foliar Fertilizer Program.

Grow More Fertilizers are designed to meet a need for a properly balanced, highly concentrated product
that can be applied by aircraft or ground rigs, as well as used in dilute or concentrated sprinkler or
injector systems. Grow More Fertilizers are versatile products that meet many requirements.
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