Mendocino Veg Vigor (30-10-10) 25Lb

Mendocino Veg Vigor (30-10-10) 25Lb


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    List: $68.78
    UPC: 080986081422
    Weight (lbs): 25


Mendocino Veg Vigor 30-10-10 25 Lbs


  •  Foliar Spray Grade
  •  Made with Low Biuret Urea
  •  Drip-Irrigation
  •  No Sediment
  •  Multi-Nitrogen Sources


Grow More’s Veg Vigor (30-10-10) A Widely used in agricultural and horticultural application, special ingredients designed for immediate utilization by the plant provide balanced N-P-K, multiple sources of nitrogen and fully chelated micro-nutrients. High Nitrogen formula especially designed for foliar sprats. 84% of the Nitrogen is Low Biuret Urea for long lasting effects. May be combined with insecticides or fungicides.


Leaf feeding or foliar fertilization with Grow More Fertilizers can increase yields of a healthy crop beyond the capabilities of conventional, soil applied fertilizers.


Used correctly Grow More Water Soluble Fertilizers can provide an attractive economic return on investment over and above that obtained from soil applied fertilizers.


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Weight 25 lbs


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