Hydroponic greenhouses provide a unique method of raising plants. Most plants that are hydroponically raised must be treated with proper care in controlled conditions. Gravel is commonly used in greenhouses where the gravel supports the roots systems because no soil is used in raising the plants. It also balances the assorted nutrients that feed the plants in the form of liquid. 

Large commercially oriented greenhouses have automated ways to refine and propagate seeds. All the things needed to grow the seeds are set with automated care and maintenance. There are sensors on the gravel that automatically turn on the pumps that contains water or other chemical solutions that are applied to the seeds. Using hydroponic greenhouses gives a gardener the advantage of increasing the crop yield in a single harvest. In normal agriculture, a farmer may only produce a regular crop harvest. However, it is possible to double or triple the crop production by applying the methods in hydroponic gardening. A gardener can increase their success even more by using water soluble fertilizers. The solubility of this kind of fertilizer makes it the ideal choice for all plants, from greenhouse plants to fruit plants, as well as plants of all sizes. Many food scientists have studied and proved that all fertilizer elements should be converted first into soluble form before the roots of the plant use it. 

When a person applies raw chemical fertilizers on the soil, they may affect the soil condition. Microorganisms that may have been living in the soil would surely die because of these artificial fertilizers. The soil can no longer grow any plants unless the continuous use of chemical fertilizers is applied. Hydroponic gardening does not need soil. The plants are fed through exact nutrient dosages to increase their production and to support faster growth.  

The Benefits of Water-soluble Fertilizers in Greenhouses

Water-soluble fertilizers contain all the necessary nutrients needed for plants to grow quickly. Here are some of the benefits of using this kind of fertilizer in greenhouses.

  • Safety: If you follow the instructions on the water-soluble fertilizer properly, they are much safer to use than traditional products.
  • Ease of use: Water soluble fertilizer can be fed to the plants through a sprinkler system, via injection, or even can be dropped overhead from an airplane.
  • Ideal for all plants: Water-soluble fertilizers can be applied to the roots and the leaves of all kinds of plants.

The use of most chemical fertilizers in crops is bad for the environment. This is because most of these chemical solutions are made from petroleum products. The world today can no longer accommodate the growing demand for food because of the unstoppable growth of the world’s population that is why the use of hydroponic greenhouses is so important. Our safe, organic and water soluble fertilizers can increase plant yield in your hydroponic farming and protect the environment from dangerous run-off at the same time.